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You can use the TCNJ VPN to access on-campus resources that would otherwise not
be available from off-campus locations, such as from home. Some examples of
resources that would require TCNJ VPN access include the general database server
( and faculty research servers. As we continue to enhance the
campus network security, other resources may be limited to on-campus and TCNJ
VPN access only.

VPN users should follow the link below to find out more on how to use the TCNJ VPN.

The TCNJ VPN uses secure web protocols to establish secure sessions which differs from traditional VPN servers.

“Traditional” VPNs have been based on one of two protocols, either IPSec or PPTP. IPSec is an industry standard while PPTP was Microsoft’s VPN implementation.

Both of these VPN technologies could be difficult to configure and get working. Using secure web protocols simplifies the process by using the same protocol that secure websites use for encrypting traffic, namely SSL. These VPNs typically don’t require the end-user to install or configure any software. Any software installation and configuration needs are sent down to the computer by simply loading a web page and logging in.

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