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Wireless Project Status

Spring/Summer 2014

  • Music Building has full wireless coverage (6/16/2014)
  • Social Science wireless installation has begun (6/16/2014)

Winter 2013

  • Dot1x networking configured (TCNJ-DOT1X)
  • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls now have full wireless coverage (1/18/2013)
  • Loser has full wireless coverage — more so than previously (3/1/2013)
  • School of Business now has full wireless coverage (3/6/2013)


Fall 2012

  • Education Building now has full wireless coverage (as of 11/21/12)
  • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls in process of having wireless installed (as of 12/10/12)


Summer 2012

  • Replace all the access points (APs) from the old Wireless-at-TCNJ and Wireless-at-TCNJ2 networks.  We are now on a single Wirless-at-TCNJ3 network campus wide.  This will allow for better roaming between buildings and better support for newer device types (e.g. Android devices).
  • NewRes Hall is now fully wireless.
  • Norsworthy Hall now has wireless hotspots located in the main lounge, the lower-level study lounge and the lower-level game room.
  • Still in progress
    • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls are ready to get full wireless once we can schedule a time that is not (too) disruptive to the residents.
    • The new Education building should have full wireless in the fall.