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Wireless Project Status

Fall 2015

  • Norsworthy Hall has full wireless coverage including adjacent outdoor areas (11/17/2015)

Summer 2015

  • The College has awarded a contract to an engineering firm to complete the design of the wireless in the remaining buildings listed below. It is expected that an engineering firm will complete their work in late February 2016. A bid will be issued for construction and awarded in late April 2016. Installation will commence with the bid award and focus on the remaining residential and academic spaces as a priority.

Winter 2015

  • Bliss Hall has full wireless coverage (1/7/2015)

Fall 2014

  • Armstrong Hall has full wireless coverage (12/9/2014)

Spring/Summer 2014

  • Music Building has full wireless coverage
  • Social Science has full wireless coverage
  • Bliss Hall Annex has full wireless coverage

Summer/Fall 2013

  • Science Complex (Bio, Chem, Math/Physics) has full wireless coverage
  • Forcina has full wireless coverage
  • Cromwell has full wireless coverage

Winter 2013

  • Dot1x networking configured (TCNJ-DOT1X)
  • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls now have full wireless coverage (1/18/2013)
  • Loser has full wireless coverage — more so than previously (3/1/2013)
  • School of Business now has full wireless coverage (3/6/2013)

Fall 2012

  • Education Building now has full wireless coverage (as of 11/21/12)
  • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls in process of having wireless installed (as of 12/10/12)

Summer 2012

  • Replace all the access points (APs) from the old Wireless-at-TCNJ and Wireless-at-TCNJ2 networks.  We are now on a single Wirless-at-TCNJ3 network campus wide.  This will allow for better roaming between buildings and better support for newer device types (e.g. Android devices).
  • NewRes Hall is now fully wireless.
  • Norsworthy Hall now has wireless hotspots located in the main lounge, the lower-level study lounge and the lower-level game room.
  • Still in progress
    • Ely/Allen/Brewster Halls are ready to get full wireless once we can schedule a time that is not (too) disruptive to the residents.
    • The new Education building should have full wireless in the fall.